Enrolment 2017


Our 12th Commencement Exercise 2017 in collaboration with Citi Foundation, MasterCard, and National University of Singapore
223 migrant workers have completed training and graduated from our academic programmes! Find out more about this exciting event here.

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MasterCard-ASKI Partnership Established for Migrant Workers
Under this initiative, Basic Entrepreneurship is being offered for the training of 400 migrant workers. Find out more about the partnership here.

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ASKI Global Limited - Creating Opportunities, Serving Migrant Worker Communities

Established on 5 July 2010, ASKI Global Limited is a non-stock, non-profit organisation that is focused on the betterment of foreign worker communities. This is achieved through back-to-back training and coaching of migrant workers as well as their families on entrepreneurship and financial literacy. To date, the organisation has trained migrant workers coming from countries such as the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, and Myanmar.

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