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Another Milestone Achieved as 250 Migrant Workers Graduated from ASKI Global Programmes

ASKI Global 11th Commencement Exercise

ASKI Global 11th Commencement Exercise, in collaboration with Citi Foundation, MasterCard, and National University of Singapore

ASKI Global Limited is proud to recognise 250 overseas foreign workers who have completed their training in all academic programmes in the organisation’s 11th Commencement Exercise. The bi-annual ceremony was held on Sunday, 27 November 2016, at the Town Plaza Auditorium in the National University of Singapore, and was a collaborative effort with Citi Foundation, MasterCard, and National University of Singapore.

To date, the Citi-ASKI Overseas Workers Financial Stability Program has already equipped more than 800 overseas foreign workers with financial and entrepreneurial skills to enable them to better set and achieve their financial goals. The ceremony also saw migrant workers graduating from the Basic Entrepreneurship course under the MasterCard-ASKI initiative, a partnership that came to fruition earlier this year, as well as the Personality Development & Communication course, which is already in the seventh run. Training ran from January to November of this year and saw the transformation of its programme participants into financially fit and entrepreneurial individuals.

The event was graced by Guest of Honour, Consul Gonaranao B. Musor of the Philippine Embassy in Singapore. Joining him were Secretary of the Department of Social Welfare & Development in Philippines Dr Judy M. Taguiwalo; the Singapore Investment Center Head for Citi Private Bank Ms Marie Grace Pagdanganan; Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of I-Remit, Inc. Mr Bansan C. Choa; President of the ASKI Group of Companies Mr Rolando B. Victoria; Chairperson of ASKI Global Dr Mary Astrid S. Tuminez; and Ms Irma Cosico, Chief Executive Officer for ASKI Global Limited.

250 migrant workers graduated from our training programmes this year

250 migrant workers graduated from our training programmes this year

Memorably, in her enlightening speech, Dr Astrid Tuminez personally congratulated the graduates on the beginning of their journey, and reiterated the importance of having a clear vision in their journey ahead. “In life, it is very important to have a vision,” said Dr Tuminez, as she compared Singapore in the 1980s and Singapore today. She further emphasised the importance of a positive mind-set, hard work, and the support of family and friends in achieving that vision. The importance of having a vision was also stressed upon in Mr Rolando Victoria’s closing remarks.

Ms Margie Pagdanganan from Citibank highlighted the extended impact emanating from this program, where she remarked that “as you learn, your family also learns with you, and it is our vision that your whole family becomes financially literate, financially empowered and financially independent, so the whole family will progress.” On top of that, she also encouraged the graduates to take on more social responsibilities in life as they become more empowered, noting that “blessings received are the blessings you shall give.”

Not to forget Ms Irma Cosico elucidated on the importance of this extended impact of ASKI’s current programmes where she promised to “continue innovating in order to provide products to engage not only students studying here but also their family members back in Philippines.”

Moreover, in order to further enhance the learning experience of its students, ASKI Global leveraged on the power of technology and developed the WiseUp mobile app which enables the digitisation and regionalisation of the programme. The WiseUp mobile application allows for easy access by students to quizzes, games, training documents and training materials. “This mobile app is not only designed for the ASKI Global students in Singapore but is designed for all the students under ASKI Global including students in Hong Kong,” Ms Irma added.

Consul Gonaranao B. Musor recognised the importance of empowering overseas Filipino workers. “I am really impressed by the program on how it empowers Filipino workers with financial skills” he added, “I am glad that with a program like this one, we are able to teach our people the value of saving, the value of looking after the future.” He expressed his hopes that this program would help the overseas Filipino workers to secure the future not only for themselves but also for their families.

Dr Judy M. Taguiwalo, the ceremony’s esteemed guest from the Philippines, highlighted the importance of the program in order for Filipinos to examine fields other than domestic fields. “There are no shortcuts to success,” she added, “We are doing this for ourselves, family, community, and our beloved country Philippines.”

Dr Judy Taguiwalo delivering the Commencement Message during the ceremony.

Cabinet Secretary of the Philippine government’s Department of Social Welfare and Development Dr Judy Taguiwalo delivering the Commencement Message during the graduation ceremony.

Moving forward, ASKI Global aims to reach out to an even broader audience through its financial literacy and entrepreneurship course. Together with the Citi Foundation, MasterCard, and ASKI Global’s other partners, which continue to provide generous support, the organisation looks to strive and empower more overseas foreign workers by giving them the tools and inculcating the right mind-set so as to make a difference in their lives.

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