Enrolment 2017

Back-to-Back Training

Back-to-Back Training of OFW Families

One of the unique features of ASKI Global Limited is the back-to-back (B2B) training of families conducted by the ASKI Skills and Knowledge Institute (ATI) in the Philippines. We coordinate with ATI in arranging for the family members of the Filipino workers based in Singapore to attend the training sessions. The B2B one day Financial Education training of families is conducted in various parts of the Philippines. Training is typically carried out simultaneously while their family members in the Singapore undergo the correlating course.

The B2B training serves the Financial Education & Literacy programmes to overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and their families. Specifically, the training aims to:

  • Provide inclusive finance to OFWs and their families through entrepreneurial and financial literacy training with the option of accessing microcredit in the Philippines.
  • Create financial stability to OFW families through enterprise development.
  • Generate local jobs through the family enterprises established.
  • Bring, form and strengthen family cohesion and collaboration towards a more productive use of overseas remittances.
  • Be a catalyst to OFWs achieving their dreams.
  • Change the image of OFWs so that they progress and become overseas Filipino investors (OFIs).

One-Day B2B Financial Education Training of OFW Families