Enrolment 2017


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enrol for classes?

You can visit our office between Sundays and Thursdays, 9 am to 5 pm to apply. Our courses are open to migrant workers of all nationalities and are conducted in English. There are also customised programmes for the professionals.

What do I need to bring along with me when I enrol?

You will need to bring along your identity card or Ministry of Manpower-issued card for verification purposes. Your picture will be taken by us after your first day of lessons for your official ASKI Global ID.

How much are the fees for the courses?

Our course fees are affordable. For work permit holders, each course that they register in is S$100. For other passes (E-Pass, S-Pass, Dependant's Pass, Singapore Identity Card), they are to pay S$200 for each course that they enrol in.

What is the class schedule like?

You will receive a copy of your respective course's class schedule during the registration process.

Who will be conducting my lessons?

The ASKI Global teaching team is composed of highly experienced professionals in the fields of entrepreneurship and finance. We also have faculty-volunteers from Citi Singapore, National University of Singapore and other prestigious organisations handling some specialised topics.

What are the requirements for me to be able to complete the course?

Complete attendance and course-specific requirements like submission of business plan for Basic Entrepreneurship or submission of financial plan for Basic Financial Education. If you are taking a Double Course (i.e. taking both Basic Entrepreneurship and Basic Financial Education in the same semester), you will need to submit both business and financial plans. For Personality Development & Communication, you will be required to participate in an oral presentation which will take place on the last day of the programme.

Will I be provided with a certificate upon completion of my course?

You will receive a Certificate of Completion co-signed with National University of Singapore after you have finished the course(s) of your choice. A graduation ceremony will be held at the National University of Singapore.

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