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MasterCard-ASKI Partnership Established to Train Migrant Workers on Basic Entrepreneurship


This 2016, ASKI Global Limited hopes to further deepen its impact on the lives of low-income female migrant workers based in Singapore. Through its partnership with MasterCard, the organisation plans to expand its reach to the household service workers as well as those in the allied health and food & beverage services industries.

Under the MasterCard-ASKI initiative, Basic Entrepreneurship will be offered to the migrant worker population. A 12-module flagship academic course by the organisation, the aim of the course is to develop and enhance the entrepreneurial and financial capabilities of not only the migrant workers but their families as well: on top of the workers receiving classroom training and technical coaching in Singapore, their family members back home will receive technical assistance on how the business should be run as well as how to perform responsible finance.

“Through appropriate education and training for both the OFWs and their families, we believe that a change in mind-set and remittance behaviour can lead to the financial stability of families,” ASKI Global’s Chief Executive Officer Ms Irma Cosico explained.

Migrant workers actively participating in an exercise during a Basic Entrepreneurship lesson under the MasterCard-ASKI initiative.

This partnership project with MasterCard aims to encourage migrant workers to start a small business in the Philippines through their families while they are actively working in Singapore. The creation of micro-enterprises will lead to wealth creation among course participants, job generation in the communities, and more importantly, putting a more definite timeline when to be reunited with their families.


Working on a fun team exercise to further understand and internalise a Basic Entrepreneurship module.

Enrolment for the MasterCard-ASKI Basic Entrepreneurship programme has already started and will continue throughout the year. 400 female migrant workers are expected to benefit from this initiative. Enrollees are required to nominate a family member – ideally someone who will be co-managing the family business – to undergo a one-day training. The families of  MasterCard scholars who will be needing additional capital to start a new or expand an existing business will be assisted by microfinance institutions in the Philippines and will be provided technical assistance and coaching on business by the microfinance officers in areas where the businesses will be located.

Interested applicants, please make your way down to our offices whenever you are available to register for the MasterCard-ASKI Basic Entrepreneurship course. Our office is open from Sundays to Thursdays, 9 am – 5 pm.

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