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FEW: Financially Empowered Women


This book is a collection of success stories of select ASKI Global students who have participated in the Citi-ASKI Overseas Workers Financial Stability Program. These are the women who have gone from having little or no awareness of financial management to eventually being able to take ownership of their finances and make informed decisions on financial issues after attending the financial literacy course.

Now, they are on the road towards financial freedom.
They are the FEW: Financially Empowered Women.

"FEW is a story of 10 women and 5 families. These women are those who have taken Financial Education course with support from Citi Foundation. A small number out of the 2,500 trained, but their stories show how their mind set and financial behaviour have changed after the training. FEW also features how the overseas workers have influenced the way their family members think and behave about the money being sent to them. FEW stories of women is a first step towards achieving financial freedom. FEW stories of families is the first to the last mile of achieving real social impacts towards sustainable growth."

Irma Lapitan Cosico
Chief Executive Officer
ASKI Global Limited

My Toy Factory


What our participants are saying:

"This is a fantastic game! I want to play this board game with my kids so they know the importance of savings and investment!"

"Our team won and made a lot of profit. But there's more to profits if you really want to succeed in business - taking good care of our employees and staff should also be taken into consideration. The game was an eye-opener for all of us."

For individual buyers:

My Toy Factory is a business board game designed for the entire family. The board game puts players through the paces of entrepreneurship. Players will come across opportunities in business, capital and investments while exercising maths and business skills, as well as strategies to guide their respective companies to success.

A board game that is ideal to play with the family and friends!

For organisations with Financial Literacy programmes:

Under ASKI Global's (basic) Financial Education programme, a structured learning exercise on enterprise establishment was designed to determine students' level of understanding of financial planning, spending, budgeting, saving and investing. This involves an exercise on risk management with elements of natural disasters/calamities and personal emergency situations.

My Toy Factory is a business simulation activity highlighting the importance of different financial products like savings, investment and insurance.

For institutional partnerships, a trainer's training will be conducted on how to articulate the values of planning, budgeting, saving and investing through this interactive board game.