Enrolment 2017


Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested in collaborating with ASKI Global. To whom do I speak with?

You may contact our International Relations Manager Ms May Garlitos via email.

What are the means of collaborating with your organisation?

You may wish to collaborate in the capacity of a volunteer, sponsor or donor.

How do interested students enrol for classes?

They may visit the office between Sundays and Thursdays, 9 am to 5 pm, to apply.

How are lessons conducted in ASKI Global?

Apart from lectures, classroom training adopt highly interactive materials such as videos and structured learning exercises. "Live case method approach" is also utilised. Our unique curriculum has been designed so that students need not sit for examinations. However, there are course-specific requirements that they will need to fulfil for completion of the courses.

Courses offered by us are co-developed with the National University of Singapore and are conducted in English.