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People of ASKI Global #60: “I have been brought out of my shell”

Rhina Lynn Sernadilla Venegas, Batch 11 MasterCard-ASKI Basic Entrepreneurship graduate

It is not easy to discern that Rhina Lynn Sernadilla Venegas has been working in Singapore for more than 7 years. The young lady, who seems to have a permanent smile on her face, came from La Trinidad, Benguet to work as a household service worker after completing her university education. “I studied entrepreneurship back when I was in the Philippines,” she shared.

Looking for a training centre that will be able to “enhance my knowledge on business establishment,” Rhina Lynn finally came to know of ASKI Global Limited through her friend, Mary Ann Galanza, a past graduate. However, rather than hastily seizing the opportunity, she took the time to do her personal research on the organisation and then referred it to her employer for final approval. “Based on my findings, ASKI Global is better due to the support of National University of Singapore,” she explained.


Going through the 11 modules of the Basic Entrepreneurship programme opened Rhina Lynn’s eyes to a world of possibilities. She said: “The lessons made such a huge impact on me, particularly on my outlook on my future business.” Armed with knowledge on establishing a business and a business plan that she had extensively drawn up, Rhina Lynn became inspired and more confident in putting up the business that she wants to do.

“Everything that I have learned from my training sessions were useful, relevant, and complementary to what I studied in university,” she noted.

“Now I have no excuse to not put up my own business back home in La Trinidad!”


Unlike most students who, upon completion of the course of their choice and graduating at National University of Singapore, do not continue their learning journey, Rhina Lynn went on and enrolled herself in the Financial Education programme. “Now that I already know how to be an entrepreneur, I decided that I want to go a step further and be better at managing finances.

“Entrepreneurship is nothing if one is still unable to make sound financial decisions and management,” she opined.

Compared to Basic Entrepreneurship, learning Financial Education was a walk in the park for Rhina Lynn. “The first half covered a lot of concepts that are universal and we know we ought to follow but are unable to for personal reasons,” she explicated, adding that the second half was when it got more interesting. “I learned a lot more things – different things that I would have never thought I had the chance to learn, such as investments and the stock market.” She hopes that she will be able to apply what she has learned in the near future, alongside running her business venture.

Now that she has completed her financial literacy training, all that is left for Rhina Lynn is graduation. “It’s the second one for me, so it’s nothing much,” she quipped.

“I still am looking forward to it, of course!”


If there is another thing that Rhina Lynn can be thankful for ever since she stepped foot in the ASKI Global campus, it was confidence. “The organisation really pushed me and brought me out of my shell,” she highlighted. Previously, she never thought she would have the courage to stand in front of a crowd. Now, she has no problem doing that, as spotted at a few internal events wherein she participated in dance numbers in hula skirts and flower crowns.

“I am also thankful to the organisation for introducing me to my classmates. We started off not knowing one another, to becoming the best friends. It’s true what they say – you can get through anything when you have your friends with you,” she wistfully shared.

“Thank you very much ASKI Global, for giving me everything. I am now who I am because of you: an ASKIan.”

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