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Speech by Mr Amando M Tetangco, Jr, Governor of Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, at the Financial Inclusion Summit 2016


From left: BPI Foundation Executive Director Ms Fidelina Corcuera, BPI President and CEO Mr Cezar Consing, BSP Governor Mr Amando Tetangco, Jr., ASKI Group of Companies Managing Director Mr Rolando Victoria and ASKI Global Limited Chief Executive Officer Ms Irma Cosico.

As host partner, we at the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas are pleased to welcome you to the Financial Inclusion Summit 2016. This summit is yet another milestone in our journey to improve the lives of our people through financial inclusion, under the collaborative platform of the National Strategy for Financial Inclusion or NSFI as our roadmap. With this Summit, we focus on “Building inclusive growth for migrant workers through Multi-Sectoral Partnerships.”

Ladies and gentlemen. This Summit is a unique opportunity to increase awareness, catalyze multi-sectoral partnerships, and promote financial inclusion for our migrant workers and their families. And I congratulate BPI Foundation and ASKI Global for organizing such an important venue to further our financial inclusion initiatives. I hope therefore that we will generate practical solutions and tangible steps to address its challenges and to seize its opportunities.

First posted on the Bank for International Settlements website and delivered by the BSP Governor at the Financial Inclusion Summit 2016 (28 April 2016)

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